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LED’s affecting television

A few weeks ago whilst working at a good mates mothers house. I had a strange occurence. Trying to do the right thing, I advised the customer to get LED downlight replacement globes to save money and power. The customer preffered not to spend big dollars on name brand LED’s so I reffered them to who I thought was a reputable local LED dealer.

The dealer supplied my customer with replacement LED’s to suit their existing halogen transformers. All was fine, we installed them and they looked and perfomed fantastically. The twist was that when the television was on and then the new LED globes were turned on the television lost all reception. 

I thought it could be that the aerial cable was running to close to the aerial cable, but I checked and it did not. So I did some research and found that some cheaper LED globes do not have the correct circuitry inside the globe and actually send a interfering signal back throught the power cables and ultimately into the television.

It seems from my research that atm there is not enough regulations for LED imports. So beware, I now only recommend some trusted brands that I have had no issues with.

I hope this has been informative, I know it was a learning experience for me.


KEith the SPARKY

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