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Making my own lighting

Hi Everyone,


Over the years I must have put several thousand lights in hundreds of situations. I have installed lights from a basic batten holder to a grand chandelier. A lot of lighting is functional and there to serve a purpose, usually to aid us in completing a task, i.e down lights, fluorescent tube lighting, but occasionally I get asked to put in a feature light and this always brings me excitement. I like that I can assist in someone creating their design dreams. Over the years however I have realised that many feature lights are lacking in personality, that they are becoming repetitious in design. I love lighting that is a talking point in a room, interesting in its deliverance of light and creative in its design. So lately i have been experimenting on my own houses. I have used plumbing products such as clean air conditioning copper pipe, as it can shape cable in any way. I recently started utilising the discarded floor stumps from my house when it was re-stumped. Its a beautiful red gum with 60 years of age. I like to use creative ways of switching and fancy cables such as cotton covered or springy cable. I’m also pretty excited about soon developing some fiberglass skills to mould some really creative shapes. Oh ant one off table lamps or floor lamps are on the way too.

Any way just wanted to share some of my passion for creative lighting.



Keith Powell

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