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My Electrician says that i have to install a safety switch to certify the job

Hi People,


Have you had an electrician tell you that you HAVE to install a safety switch. I know that nearly every day I have to explain to customers that i have to install a safety switch in their switchboard to comply with AS3000/2007 standards. So I’m going to let you know where you can find the regulation at hand so you to can see that it is true.


The reg can be found as mentioned in AS3000/2007 at reg 2.6.3 titled: Where additional protection is required. I don’t intend on writing the whole reg as it would be lengthy but the key points state

  • Additional protection by RCDs (safety switches) with a maximum rated residual current of 30ma shall be provided for final sub circuits supplying:

a) one or more socket outlets

b) lighting points

c) directly connected hand held electrical equipment


It goes on to say that this applies to pretty much all styles of installation be it domestic, commercial or industrial.

Of course there are a few exceptions but they are very limited and will very rarely apply in a domestic installati0n.


I personally think it is a great move forward to bring this regulation into action as I can honestly say it WILL SAVE LIVES!!!


Thanks for reading and any electrical question please ask away!!!





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