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Smart meters are they DANGEROUS or just a step forward?

Obviously we have all heard about the roll out of Smart Meters? I think it would be a heavy rock your under if you hadn’t. So whats your thoughts on them? scared of rising bills or radio frequencies being marinated on your brain? Or are you accepting the change. In my opinion I would not be concerned and i’ll tell you why.


Smart meters do give off small radio frequencies to transmit the data to the receiver (energy retailer). Much like a mobile phone does. According to my research a average smart meter transmits for 1.4 seconds a day and it would amount over ¬†an average persons life to be the equivalent of one 30 minute mobile phone call. Though I do agree that we should always try reduce our exposure to the microwaves. Though we should possibly choose our fights a little wiser. However I do know of several products that can be applied to your walls that will block nearly 100% of all “wave forms” entering your house. Give me a call if you would like to know more.


Smart meters may/most likely raise your bill and to lay it out simply it is because they are SMART. They catch every piece of energy you use. The old meters relies upon magnetism to calculate your kw usage. The more enegy you used to more magnetic field was placed on the rotor (spinning disc in the old meter) so the quicker it turned. Every turn had an applied value (possibly 1 kw) so each rotation was worth 1kw. But these old meters found it very hard to see or charge you for the “in rush” power. Whats “in rush power” you ask???

IN RUSH POWER: I’ll try put it simply. If you need to push a car from standing still. The first few steps will consume a lot of your energy quickly but then as the vehicle gains momentum you can nearly push it with one finger easily. Its the same with electricity i.e when your washing machine starts it has to move a full barrel of clothes and water from start over and over again.

Smart meters can pick up “in rush” power and i’m telling you it adds up!!! Not to mention smart meters don’t rely on moving parts so there is no parts that will slow down and cause the meter to run slower.

My next blog will be about how to make the smart meter your friend.






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