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Save electricity: Using Timers on appliances

Have you got a SMART METER? chances are that you will now have multiple tariffs. Which in most cases will consist of PEAK, OFF PEAK & SHOULDER and a winter or summer setting.

PEAK: When demand of the domestic grid is the highest usually between 3pm and 9pm. Resulting in a hight tarriff rate.

OFF PEAK: When domestic demand is least, usually between 10pm and 7am

SHOULDER: All other times


So a quick hint is to utilise timers or buy appliances with built in off/on timers. A few good examples of why to use timers are:

– if you must use a dryer then set it to come on after 10pm thus it will run in OFF PEAK

– Same with washing machines, dish washers, bread makers, slow cookers etc….

– items that don’t need you constant attention.


Obviously don’t let items that can cause fire go unattended and in the case of the dryer ensure the lint collector is always empty. I guess check all smoke alarms are operble too.


Hopefully this has been helpful




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