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New electrical regulations may for Victoria AS3000:2018

Hi Everyone,


As of around July 1st this year a new electrical standards book was released and they may affect you. At this point it does not have to be fully adhered to until January 1st 2019, Instead Energy Safe Victoria has given a 6 month period in which both the 2011 and 2018 regulations can be adhered to.


What do the new regs mean for my customers?

There is a myriad of new changes and amendments and to be honest at this point without you being an electrician they’re not worth mentioning. They are details that are very important but likely to not be helpful for you. However the big talking point is that:

All sub circuits up to and including 32amps will now need to be on a safety switch. So if you have a circuit altered or installed it will now need to be on a safety switch. The reason this is a big change is because it now means items such as ovens, hot water services, ranges, hot plates, ovens and air conditioners need to be on safety switch. This will add cost to switchboard upgrades and instals. It also states that no matter the amperage if the instal in in a hazardous area it will need to be on a safety switch.

They also made a note that all safety switches now need to be non polarity sensitive as there was a few fatalities recently due to polarity sensitive safety switches. So make sure your sparky is using approved safety switches for VIC.

So its a big step forward for all our safety. That i give a big thumbs up too.





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