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K-Pow Electrical offers a broad range of inspection, installation and repair services to homeowners and to businesses. Take a look at just some of the services we offer.

Home Services

Commercial & Industrial Solutions

Home services

K-Pow Electrical offers a complete range of electrical services for your home.

Electrical inspection

Inspections & safety

Electrical faults are a threat to your home, to you and your family. They can cause fires and can lead to electrocution. As specialists in home electrical safety, K-Pow Electrical will inspect your electrical system and rectify any problems that may be found.

  • Free safety appraisals

    Our free safety appraisal will identify any issues of electrical safety that require attention. Now there’s no excuse not to have an electrically safe home. For your own peace of mind, call us to book your safety appraisal today. It’s completely free and without obligation.

  • Safety switch installations

    Safety switches are an effective way to protect yourself and your family from electrocution. Call us for a free quote to have a safety switch installed, and while we’re there we’ll conduct a free safety appraisal to identify any problems with your wiring.

  • Fault finding

    Wiring, power points and appliances all get old and can stop working as well as they should. When things go wrong, we’ll find the fault and fix it. Give us a call for all types of electrical repairs.

  • Switchboard upgrades

    The switchboard is an important gateway for electricity into your home. They are a key point at which electrical faults can occur and they do deteriorate with age. The introduction of new standards for switchboards reflects that older boards may not be as safe as they should be. If your switchboard is more than ?? years old, call us for a free inspection and, if necessary, a quote for replacement.

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Lighting & fittings

Power point location and lighting arrangements have a real impact on the comfort and convenience of living in your home. We can install lights and power sockets wherever you need them, to make electricity work effectively and efficiently for you.

  • Power point design and installation

    The location of power points often dictates the way in which we can arrange our furniture. But you don’t have to be a slave to your power point locations or trail ugly and dangerous cables across your floor. We can install additional power points to give you more flexibility and eliminate your reliance on dangerous and over-loaded power boards.

  • Lighting design and installation

    Lighting is important for both practical and aesthetic reasons. Whether it’s room lighting for a special ambiance or task lighting for the kitchen, K-Pow Electrical can design and install solutions that will really light up your life.

    Lighting can be a major consumer of electricity. Compact fluorescent lamps and LED globes use a fraction of the power of incandescent and halogen lights. We can help you brighten up your house and save power with efficient lighting solutions customised to your unique requirements.

  • Security system installation

    Protect yourself, your family and your valuables. Talk to us about the installation of a home security system.

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Appliance repairs

Have a faulty oven, hot water service, hot plate? Don’t waste money on replacing your goods. Our electricians are certified to fix home appliances to the highest standards. Repairing appliances is not only good for your hip pocket, but for our environment, too.

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Home cinema design

Data cabling & audio visual installation

The world of home entertainment is going through a revolution. There are new ways to connect, and some old ways are coming to an end.

  • Aerial installation and Aerial/Pay TV points

    Say goodbye to jittery digital and fuzzy analogue TV. Ask us about installing a new digital aerial on your roof. We can also move existing aerial connection points, add new ones and even install points for Pay TV.

  • Home theatre & surround sound set up

    Create the ultimate viewing and listening experiences without wires. We can set up your TV, video and sound system and give you wireless control over everything.

  • Home networking & Data points

    Speed up your browsing and increase your home computer security. By installing CAT 5/CAT 6 data points around your house you can gain faster transfer speeds and avoid eavesdroppers tapping into your wireless network.

  • Telephone points

    Phone not where you want it? Give us a call and we will install additional telephone points wherever you need them.

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Air Conditioning installation

Split system Air Conditioning installation

Modern split air conditioning systems are more efficient and quieter than older systems. Our licensed installers can replace old systems with new split system air conditioning units, or install from scratch.

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Commercial & Industrial Services

Whether it’s an electrical fault that needs repair, test and tag or installation of additional power, lighting and data cabling, K-Pow Electrical can take care of all your commercial needs. Our tradesmen take pride in their presentation and professionalism and are dedicated to the highest standards of service.

Have plans for a new commercial property? Ask K-Pow Electrical for a quote. We install data, light and power cabling and can take care of all other electrical requirements.

After hours support

Need work done after hours so as not to affect your business? K-Pow Electrical is happy to help.

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Whatever your needs in the way of electrical installation, inspection or repair, K-Pow have them covered. Give us a call on 0419 586 730 or provide your details in the “Contact The Sparky” box at the top right of every page and we will be pleased to assist you.

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